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From Browser to Gallery (and Back): The Commodification of Net Art 1990-2011

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Download full text HERE Since its beginnings in the late 90s, internet art has had a fickle relationship with the museum. While commissions and granting initiatives have been established for media arts in Europe and America, the relationship between internet art and its fluctuating appearance in institutions demonstrates that it has not yet been wholly embraced… Read more »

Post-Internet Painting and the Death of Affect

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1. Art Blog, Art Blog What are the implications of taking a web-based project into reality? Painter Joshua Abelow, whose blog Art Blog Art Blog has been running since March 2010, was curious what his blog would look like in three dimensions. Taking curatorial residence in well-known Op artist Ross Bleckner’s studio in Chelsea, Abelow… Read more »

I trolled Jay Jopling into paying the Kingdom of Belgium 1,620 EUR in chump change and all I got was this lousy legal correspondence from his high profile law firm

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In much the same way as any person worth their chips will sniff out a zeitgeist only to rebrand it with their own self at the helm (what Elvis and Eminem were to black music, what Jeff Koons is to kitschy artifacts made by little known plebes, what Google and Facebook are to the broad,… Read more »