A short attention span paired with a critical eye is a powerful tool. Google is god of the Internet not because it produces the best content but because it shows you what you want. This becomes more and more valuable as the quantity of online content increases. Cisco Systems predicts the annual global IP traffic will quadruple by 2015 reaching 966 exabytes (over 1 trillion gigabytes).

“Too Long; Didn’t Read”, often referred to as “Teal Deer” for the phonemic similarity to the abbreviation “TL;DR”, is a common phrase and “confirmed” meme.  It is used in comments and captions as a form of criticism of the length of a piece of writing. The phrase celebrates efficient brevity.

What follows are 30 tweets posted to an account made for this occasion.  They are attempts at transforming various texts into more manageable sizes. Credit is given to original authors. If you find the format pleasing and create your own please tweet them @pool_tldr and they will be reposted.