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Pool | November 2011

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The Owners’ World

By Bunny Rogers My story, “The Owners’ World” was published in the Neopian Times as a four-part series in early 2002.  I had just turned twelve years old.  I began playing Neopets under the username catnip4 on April 25, 2000, six months after the site’s initial launch.  My active years on Neopets inspired heavy creative production: personal and guild-affiliated websites,

Towards the Choice of This Color

By Jimmy Chen I imagined a chalkboard, or dense algae overtaking an abandoned swimming pool, or the color of a sweater my girlfriend would let me borrow—but only to gather its redolence during her absence, not to wear. So I created a new file at 430px by 250px in Photoshop, and “paint bucketed” it the green before you, spilled it

The Never Forgotten House

By Joanne McNeil Several weeks ago, I was leaving a party in Park Slope. As I waited to cross the street, I recognized two places across the way and realized I had eaten meals at both. I had brunch with a friend in the cafe at the corner last year. I met another friend for dinner two years earlier at

‘Unlike’: Forms of Refusal in Poetry on the Internet

By Samuel Riviere In his novel The Glass Bead Game (1943), Herman Hesse imagines a future in which art, music and literature as we understand them have ceased: culture is regarded as somehow ‘complete’, and the creation of new art is effectively forbidden. Instead, the players of the titular game draw on the vast repository of shared culture to construct

U MAD BRO? Direct Action in the Meme Pool

By Wyatt Niehaus This essay focuses on the internet-meme as it is commonly understood- bearing a fairly rigid formal structure of appropriated imagery rooted in humor or absurdity as a method of cultural transmission and ultimately, cultural survival. A memetic structure is any cultural institution, space, or community in which cultural products and communication survive based on Darwinian principles, similar