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Pool | September 2011

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Fuck 6 Women Per Week Guaranteed: Pornography Advertising as Mainstream Content Cycle

By Erik Stinson In my recent essay Idea Porn and the Age of Obscure Commodity, I tried to undermine the fashionable singularity of compelling visual information. I tried to attach the valuable infographic to a condition in which an infographic might be a wonderful currency in the bargain for our psychic health. Now, I would like to focus on a

A Discussion of Mimesis on the Polder-net or: You Have No Chance to Survive Make Your Time

By Jordan Tate When one thinks about mimesis in its classical context, bereft of the weight of the memes and tropes that pervade internet culture, it is apparent that the contemporary idea of mimesis is not necessarily conducive to the critical engagement with internet based / internet aware / post-internet works of art. In the classical sense mimesis was adaptive.

Reciprocity in the Age of Reversal and New Public Spheres

By Robert John When talking about reciprocity within the web, we are talking about dialectical exchange between people viewed as equals. Baudrillard’s “Requiem for the Media”, a critique of Enzensberger’s “Constituents of a Theory of the Media”, poses a starting point from which we may begin to understand how to better organize social structures within the web for reciprocity. Baudrillard

Desert Diary - Excerpts from Drifts and Desrt

By Robert Lorayn The Internet has been my greatest teacher in life. By that I mean much of what I’ve learned has been attached to the Internet. I don’t believe the things I’ve learned are new to humanity, nor novel, but I do believe I’m in a place and time where my mode of learning might be new. The Internet