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Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein – Data Trash: The Theory of the Virtual Class

Artie Vierkant – The Image Object Post-Internet

Brad Troemel – Various Essays

Boris Groys – Various Essays

Carson Chan – The Territory of Versions

Caset Gollan – Notes

Charles H. Traub and Jonathan Lipkin – If We Are Digital: Crossing the Boundaries

Christiane Paul – Online Curatorial Practice: Flexible Contexts and ‘Democratic’ Filtering

Coco Fusco - At Your Service: Latin Women in the Global Information Network

Daniel Cottom – To Love to Hate

Dennis Knopf – Defriending the Web

Digital Art History: A Subject in Transition - Computers and the History of Art Volume One

Domenico Quaranta – The Real Thing/Interview with Oliver Laric, In Your Computer

Donna Harraway – Cyborg Manifesto

Ed Halter – Various Essays

Ellen Nakashima Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers

Franz Thalmair – Ever-Changing Chains of Work | Constant Dullaart

Free – Various essays from Lauren Cornell, Joanne McNeil, Brian Droitcour, Ed Halter, and Caterina Fake

Gene McHugh – Post-Internet

Geert Lovink and Patrice Riemans – Ten Theses on Wikileaks

Hito Steyerl - In Defense of the Poor Image

Hubert Dreyfus – Kierkegaard on the Internet: Anonymity vrs. Commitment in the Present Age

Howard Rheingold – Daily Life in Cyberspace: How the Computerized Counterculture Built a New Kind of Place

Jack Burnham – Art and Technology: The Panacea That Failed

Jacques Ellul – The Technological Society

Jean Baudrillard – Requiem for the Media

Jennifer Chan – NSFW: Antisocial Online Video, Why Are There No Great Women Artists?

Jeremy Bailey and Duncan Malashock – Casual Art Writing

Jeremy Bailey – Performance for the Computer

Jeron Lanier – You Are Not a Gadget

John Zerzan – Interview

Josephine Bosma - Various Essays

Jowita Bydlowska – The Addictive Pornography of Cute

Julian Dibbell – A Rape in Cyberspace; or How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and a Cast of Dozens Turned a Database into a Society

Karen Archey – Report: Internet Art in the Present Tense

Lev Manovich – Various Essays

Linda Dalrymple Henderson – The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art: Conclusion

Lux. – A Decade of Artist’s Film and Video

Marcus Boon – In Praise of Copying

Marshall McLuhan – Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, The Medium is the Massage

Martin Heidegger – The Question Concerning Technology

Miltos Manetas - In My Computer

Nicholas O’Brien – Art 21, Bad at Sports

Oliver Grau – History of Telepresence: Automata, Illusion and Rejecting the Body

Oliver Laric – Versions

R Gerald Nelson – DDDDoomed

Rachel Greene – Web Work: A History of Internet Art

Roy Rosenzweig – Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past

Seth Price – Dispersion + Various Essays

Simon Penny – The Virtualization of Art Practice: Body Knowledge and the Engineering Worldview

Slavoj Zizek – A Holiday from History, Cyberspace, Or, The Unbearable Closure of Being

Sven Lutticken – Art and Thingness, Part One: Breton’s Ball and Duchamp’s Carrot

Theodore Roszak – The Cult of Information: A Neo-Luddite Treatise on High Tech, Artificial Intelligence, and the True Art of Thinking

Tilman Baumgartel – Art was only a substitute for the internet: Interview with Vuk Cosic

Video Vortex Reader – Various Essays

Walter Benjamin - The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction